Meo Fusciuni Parfums Notturno, L’Oblio and Encore du Temps

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Notturno, l'oblio and encore du temps

Meo Fusciuni of Meo Fusciuni Parfums with Notturno, l’oblio and encore du temps courtesy of the model.

Making a fragrance is usually trying to find oneself.“-Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni has gained acclaim on the earth of perfume for its distinctive strategy to inventive perfumery. Guided by a deep love for poetry, botany, and the esoteric world of alchemy, Meo Fusciuni (whose delivery identify is Giuseppe Imprezzabile) crafts scents that transcend conventional boundaries, permitting fragrances to develop into a medium that may categorical the journey’s ideas and feelings. This text delves into the historical past of Meo Fusciuni and explores the interaction between botany, alchemy, and inventive perfumery. Moreover, we are going to deal with three charming perfumes from the home: Meo Fusciuni Pafums Notturno, L’oblio, and Encore Du Temps, (which I lately found at Esxence this yr), and was an Artwork and Olfaction Finalist 2023.

Meo Fusciuni.

Meo Fusciuni of Meo Fusciuni Parfums

The Origins of Meo Fusciun Parfums: Meo Fusciuni (Giuseppe Imprezzabile) is an Italian artist and aromatorio, established his fragrance home in 2010. Drawing inspiration from his background in literature and music, Fusciuni infuses his creations with the essence of poetry, creating olfactory compositions that unfold like verses on the pores and skin. Fascinated by the transformative energy of scent, he sought to seize the intangible and evoke profound emotional experiences by way of his perfumes.

Meo Fusciuni Parfums

through Meo Fusciuni Parfums

The Artwork of Botany and Uncooked Supplies: On the coronary heart of Meo Fusciuni’s creations lies a deep reverence for nature and the botanical world. Like an alchemist, Fusciuni views uncooked supplies because the soul of his perfumes, fastidiously deciding on and mixing them to create fragrances that resonate with the human spirit. By way of his fragrances, Fusciuni seeks to forge a connection between people and the pure world, reminding us of our intrinsic bond with the Earth.

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Notturno

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Notturno courtesy of Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Notturno (2012): Like Ink within the Coronary heart: Meo Fusciuni Notturno is among the home’s signature scents, is an olfactory embodiment of the mysterious darkness of the night time. It captures the essence of ink, symbolizing the profound ideas and feelings that emerge below the cloak of darkness. With notes of tobacco, resins, and woods, Notturno creates an aura of introspection and melancholy, inviting the wearer to discover the depths of their soul.

Notes: Iris, Incense, Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Mate Tobacco, Palo Santo, Orange

Meo Fusciuni Parfums l’oblio courtesy of Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni Parfums L’oblio (2017): A Reminiscence of Cambodia: L’oblio is a perfume that encapsulates Meo Fusciuni’s private journey by way of Cambodia. Impressed by the aromatic recollections of historical temples and the fragile scent of helichrysum, L’oblio weaves collectively notes of incense, spices, and florals. It invitations the wearer to relive Fusciuni’s experiences, evoking the serene great thing about Cambodia and the highly effective resonance of reminiscence.

Notes: Frankincense, Iris, Mate, Immortelle, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Powder, Sacred woods, Musk

Encore Du Temps Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Encore Du Temps Picture courtesy of the model

Meo Fusciuni Parfums Encore Du Temps (2022) is a perfume that narrates a timeless love story. It merges notes of white flowers, spices, and treasured woods, enveloping the senses in an ethereal embrace. It represents Meo Fusciuni’s need to freeze time, to seize fleeting moments of affection and keenness. Encore du temps is an olfactory journey that speaks to the craving for everlasting moments and the deep connections we type with others.

Notes: inexperienced tea, bergamot, mandarin orange, osmanthus, magnolia, champaca, mate, sandalwood, benzoin

Meo Fusciuni Parfums has carved a distinct segment on the earth of perfumery by way of its fusion of botany, alchemy, and inventive imaginative and prescient. By infusing his fragrances with poetry, Meo Fusciuni creates olfactory compositions that transcend the mundane and provide a profound sensory expertise. With perfumes like Meo Fusciuni  Parfums Notturno, L’oblio, and Encore du temps, Meo Fusciuni invitations us to embark on a aromatic voyage, the place feelings, recollections, and the fantastic thing about nature intertwine in concord.

Disclaimer: Discovery Set was kindly provided by Meo Fusciuni.  As at all times, my opinions are my very own.

Karl Topham,  UK Ambassador & Senior Editor

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